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Better efficiency, productivity, margins and profits



 1st Quality 1st 

Producing consistent quality that can be replicated time 

after time is the key to 

profit in your bodyshop.


A structured and controlled 

work feed in and out of

your bodyshop will allow

you to build and control

your business and predict

your profitability.


1Q1 will help you achieve repeatable, profitable repairs with happy customers and work providers which will deliver on-going opportunities for your business.

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What our customers say

RAC 1Q1.png
RAC Insurance, WA

1Q1 and RAC Insurance have signed an agreement that acknowledges 1Q1’s Body shop flow management system as the preferred repair management system for RAC Insurance’s repairer network.
The 1Q1 system has been developed to assist with managing and streamlining the vehicle repair process, as well as enabling ease of communication about the status of repairs and fulfilment of associated insurance claims.
It delivers significant benefits to repairers and RAC Insurance promoting better cycle times, with reduced delays and facilitating the communication of updates to members.

RAC 1Q1.png
Darren Templeton
Owner, Maddington Smash Repairs, WA

"Since trialling and subsequently implementing the 1Q1 Body flow Management we could not be happier with the results which have far exceeded our expectations.
1Q1 allows us to track and manage all our offsite and onsite vehicles with ease and transparency like never before.
It allows all our key staff to see the status, location and progress of a vehicle in real time.
The automated SMS updates and link to the 1Q1 portal is an absolute hit with our customers showing them the progress of their vehicle direct to their smart phone.
This has seen us surpass our customer service scores which is a big focus of our work providers and a key KPI linked directly to work allocation.
The beauty of being fully automated means it also saves my admin staff valuable time and resources they were otherwise tied up, thus improving efficiencies and freeing them to attend to more productive tasks.
Our tradespeople from ‘young to old’ have embraced 1Q1 with very minimal fuss and absolutely no downturn or disruption to our business which is a credit to both the simplicity of the program as well as excellent training provided.
I would recommend 1Q1 to any Collision repair business big or small."

RAC 1Q1.png
John Apostoles
Owner, TC Classics, WA

"We have had the 1Q1 Bodyshop Flow Management System installed two months ago. Since the installation we have seen a marked improvement in the workshop flow management, with all staff members easily transitioning to the new system.
The Colour Coding system is easy to follow and it has greatly improved our communication with clients. It allows staff to quickly and easily update customers on the status of their repair, leaving customers satisfied.
All staff members effortlessly learned the new system resulting it being fully functional in a short time frame.
The 1Q1 Bodyshop Flow Management is a welcome change to our workshop."

RAC 1Q1.png
Scott Stephens
Multi_site Owner, Monza Smash & SmashTec, Sydney NSW

"By installing the 1Q1 Bodyshop Flow Management System, it has given me a clearer insight into my bodyshop and enabled me to not only see the bottle necks, but to be able to successfully manage the process to increase the throughput of my shop. I now have a mapped out process, by which my administration and production staff can easily follow and I can track to see that they are following the process to."

RAC 1Q1.png
Aaron Scagliotta
Director, Gino's Car Craft, WA

The 1Q1 program's innovative and comprehensive features have had an immediate, positive impact on the management of key areas of the repair process in my business, key to key. It is user friendly, easily navigated and staff are able to readily engage with is using their iPads.
My assessments (estimates) are easily managed as 1Q1 gives me the ability to schedule my booking-in to smooth over peaks and troughs in work flow. Conversely it allows me to manage my departures in the same fashion.
Vehicle arrivals are also well managed and I can keep an eye on my live QIP. Being a larger premises with vehicles secured throughout the site, 1Q1 allows me to account for the non-drivable vehicles easily.
Three excellent features which warrant highlighting are:-
1. A parts management module which allows me to time my parts arrivals
2. Image allocation feature whereby images can be automatically allocated to their required job
3. Invoice tracking ability
The program has a great job allocation and staff communication section - the waterfall, which allows staff to easily pick the next job correctly.
Productive staff can be measured accurately and live - day to day, week to week, month to month using their devices. This feature can also provide the basis for valuable feedback as part of staff performance management and review.
In broad terms, 1Q1 allows me to manage a larger business with greater ease. With the added technology of the iPads, the program allows it to all happen automatically, and live, helping me to make informed decisions. It gives me and my staff the real tools to facilitate the work they have to do.
For any repairers who are interested in the program but are not familiar with it, I readily offer them the opportunity to visit my premises for a demonstration of its many beneficial features.

Our work


1Q1 is the most advanced yet user friendly Body shop Flow Management system on the market today, supporting a true team based production process and providing an interface between the administration, production and customer.

1Q1 provides you as a Body shop owner the ability to gain transparency in your business and manage the flow of the shop based on the day to day challenges that arise.

The unique interface of the 1Q1 system means all members of your team are kept informed of updates and changes related to the repair process, giving real time measurable data and information on the status and progress of each job.

The most user friendly customer management system, gives your customer facing staff the information they need when they need it, providing your customers with the best customer experience possible.

1Q1 helps minimise the occurrence of supplementaries being missed or not charged, or additional parts not being ordered due of communication break downs.

1Q1 is a highly visual based operating system that brings structure and quick identification through the use of actual images of vehicles being worked on and uniform use of colour coded prompts throughout the whole flow process, allowing all team members to quickly identify all aspects of the process and easily action tasks.

1Q1 enables you to:

  • Set a process, communicate it with staff and hold them accountable.

  • Gain visibility into every aspect of a claim from start to finish.

  • Set, communicate and enforce a quality expectation, customised to each and every job.

  • Set and communicate productivity targets for all individuals - both administration and technical staff.

  • Measure staff productivity.

  • Provide staff with a means to measure their own productivity.

  • Measure productivity for individuals as well as departments and the shop as a whole.

  • Track individual jobs as they go through the process.

  • Automate customer communication by giving customers the ability to see live status of their vehicle repairs.

  • Brand the customer communications.

  • Manage assessments, both drivable and non-drivable.

  • Feed the right amount work into and out of a body shop every day and every week.

  • Manage average cost.

  • Automatically prioritise work.

  • Capture photos of work as jobs go through the process.

  • Log in while offsite and analyse the shop's figures.


1Q1 is a cloud based product, designed to operate alongside any current estimating and accounting systems without going through the painful process of business disruption by changing currently installed software.

Feature Overview


​Make sure your staff are getting the right amount of estimates booked in to feed your shop.


Get your staff to manage your bookings for you. The right amount of work on site is money in your pocket.


Visibility on your non-drives from your desk or home.


Order, receive and check parts in a systematic manner.


Make sure every vehicle that arrives is set up for a win.

Quality of Repair

Enforce quality of repair and processes in your workshop, and hold your staff accountable.


Automatically priorities work and shows all work that is available.


View the status of all work going out for the day and week to help you deliver on your cycle time promises.

Customer Communication

Effortlessly keep your customers updated on the progress of their car.

Performance Reporting

Your production staff are the engine that produces turnover and profit. Make sure they are giving you what you need.

Average Cost

Gain control of your average cost.

Photos / Claims and Invoicing

This is where the money is made or lost.

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